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What We Do?


Streamline your financial operations with our expert bookkeeping, reporting, and budgeting services tailored for small businesses.


Elevate your brand with our comprehensive marketing solutions, including custom websites, engaging social media campaigns, and eye-catching flyers.

CRM Management

Enhance customer engagement and boost retention with our tailored CRM solutions that streamline and optimize your customer interactions.

Business Events

Elevate your professional events by coordinating conferences, workshops, and product launches. 

Equine Events

We have over 20 years of experience with equine events, from Rodeos to Cutting Horse Shows. 


We have worked with the Snake River Stampede Community Festival, Taste of Idaho, and many other nonprofits. 

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How We Work

Flexible Billing Options

Choose from hourly or monthly rates tailored to fit your business needs and budget.

Modular Services

Select specific services or opt for full service—tailored to your event's or business's unique requirements.

Itemized Pricing

You pay only for the services you need, such as venue selection, vendor coordination, or day-of management.

Custom Packages

Combine any of our services into custom packages for streamlined planning and execution.

Scalable Solutions

Suitable for events of all sizes, from small community gatherings to large-scale equine events.

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From our Blog

October 19
Good job Gold Buckle Services Staff!

Wanting to congratulate the Gold Buckle Services staff on a fabulous job this year with our events and all the new projects. Taste of Idaho Adventures National Sr. Pro Rodeo ICHA Futurity & Aged Event  

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May 24
New Services Available!

Year-round bookkeeping and tax services geared toward the professional owner/operator. The easiest and most simple full bookkeeping and tax service available! Our customers are owner/operators like yourself, so we are set up for your business!

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