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Gold Buckle Services is an Idaho-based corporation designed to help small businesses and promote Idaho. 

Gold Buckle Services, helmed by Idaho native Sue Marostica, epitomizes the spirit of the American West. With roots deeply entrenched in Idaho’s ranching and logging heritage, Sue’s personal and professional life is a testament to her commitment to preserving and promoting Western traditions. Alongside her husband, Vic, Sue has raised a family that has significantly contributed to the local culture, with their daughters and nieces holding numerous queen titles in the Treasure Valley and playing key roles in notable events like the original Snake River Stampeder’s performances at the NFR and the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Sue’s extensive experience includes serving on the boards of Miss Rodeo Idaho, the Eh-Capa Bareback Riders, and District II High School Rodeo. She is a prolific content creator, managing three websites and producing valued articles on Idaho, horses, and Western heritage, reflecting her deep connection and expertise in these areas.

Sue served as the Futurity & Aged Event Coordinator for the Idaho Cutting Horse Association from 2006-2014, and stands at the helm of Gold Buckle Services and Gold Buckle Champion. As the Executive Director of Gold Buckle Champion, Sue has been instrumental in fostering community and youth engagement through innovative programs like "Legends in the Making," a rewards and scholarship initiative that equips young individuals with essential life skills. Her dedication also shines through in the "Gabrielle Sanborn Youth Memorial Scholarship," supporting youth participation in equine events.

Gold Buckle Services leverages Sue’s unparalleled experience and passion, offering expert small business support and exceptional event management services. Choosing Gold Buckle Services means not just investing in high-quality service but also supporting a legacy that champions community involvement, youth development, and the preservation of our cherished Western heritage. Whether you’re looking to enhance your business or create a memorable event, Gold Buckle Services promises not just results but a partnership enriched with genuine care and historical reverence.

Sue Marostica

Sue Marostica, a native to Idaho, whose family has been involved in ranching and logging in Idaho for five generations. Sue lives life to...

Victor Marostica

Victor has been driving for United for over 30 years. Before that he was in the Air Force as a Cargo Specialist rigging air drops...

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