Community Events

Events managed/previously managed by Gold Buckle Services include:

Idaho Cutting Horse Association - Promoting two shows a year; 5 days in March and 10 days in late August early September.

Idaho International Chili Cook-Off - Promoting the state of Idaho and small businesses in the area.

Stampede Days - A three-day event in Nampa, Idaho, celebrating the kick-off of the Snake River Stampede Rodeo

God and Country Festival -  A free Non-Donominational event celebrating God and Country. 

Back the Blue Idaho - Celebrating Idaho's Law Enforcement Officers. 

Some of the services provided include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Staff Management & Contracts
  • Marketing - National, Regional, and Local Advertising
  • Forms
  • Web design and upkeep
  • Social Media
  • Facility Setup & Tear Down
  • Vendors
  • Sponsors
  • Awards


Gold Buckle Services is proud to organize and produce events that bring us back to our roots and incorporate the entire community—bringing commerce, camaraderie, and FUN!

We incorporate into our events the projects that we produce with Gold Buckle Champion, a non profit that mentors children in their "Legends in the Making" Program.

Some of the events we have organized are: 



Taste of Adventures

This was an event we created to showcase some of the wonders of Idaho.
It included a Chili Cookoff and an Antique Car show at the Idaho Cutting Horse Association Premiere Event.

Stampede Days

Stampede Days was built as a kick off the the Snake River Stampede Rodeo.

This included a BBQ for the Nampa Fireman's Burn Out Fund
Buckaroo Breadfast for the Nampa Boys & Girls Club
and youth events provided by Gold Buckle Champion.

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